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Table Of Healing Colors

Nervous System--

Cooling and soothing: Shades of violet, lavender, etc.

Resting and invigorating effect: Grass greens.

Inspiring and illuminating: Medium yellows, and orange.

Stimulating and exciting: Reds (bright).

Blood and Organs--

Cooling and soothing: Clear dark blues.

Resting and invigorating: Grass greens.

Inspiring and illuminating: Orange yellows.

/> Stimulating and exciting: Bright reds.

The following additional suggestions will be found helpful to the

healer: In cases of impaired physical vitality; also chilliness, lack of

bodily warmth, etc., bright, warm reds are indicated. In cases of

feverishness, overheated blood, excessive blood pressure, inflammation,

etc., blue is indicated. Red has a tendency to produce renewed and more

active heart action; while violets and lavenders tend to slow down the

too rapid beating of the heart. A nervous, unstrung patient, may be

treated by bathing her, mentally, in a flood of violet or lavender

auric color; while a tired, used up, fatigued person may be invigorated

by flooding him with bright reds, followed by bright, rich yellows,

finishing the treatment with a steady flow of warm orange color.

To those who are sufficiently advanced in occult philosophy, I would say

that they should remember the significance of the Great White Light, and

accordingly conclude their treatment by an effort to indicate an

approach to that clear, pure white color in the aura--mentally, of

course. This will leave the patient in an inspired, exalted, illuminated

state of mind and soul, which will be of great benefit to him, and will

also have the effect of reinvigorating the healer by cosmic energy or


Everything that has been said in this chapter regarding the use of color

in magnetic treatments, is equally applicable to cases of self-healing,

or self-treatment. Let the patient follow the directions above given for

the healer, and then turn the healing current, or thought, inward--and

the result will be the same as if he were treating another. The

individual will soon find that certain colors fit his requirements

better than others, in which case let him follow such experience in

preference to general rules, for the intuition generally is the safest

guide in such cases. However, it will be found that the individual

experience will usually agree with the tables given above, with slight

personal variations.