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Auric Magnetism

The phenomenon of human magnetism is too well recognized by the general

public, to require argument at this time. Let the scientists dispute

about it as much as they please, down in the heart of nearly all of the

plain people of the race is the conviction that there is such a thing.

The occultists, of course, are quite familiar with the wonderful

manifestations of this great natural force, and with its effect upon the

inds and bodies of members of the race, and can afford to smile at the

attempts of some of the narrow minds in the colleges to pooh-pooh the


But the average person is not familiar with the relation of this human

magnetism to the human aura. I think that the student should familiarize

himself with this fundamental relation, in order to reason correctly on

the subject of human magnetism. Here is the fundamental fact in a

nutshell: The human aura is the great storehouse, or reservoir, of human

magnetism, and is the source of all human magnetism that is projected by

the individual toward other individuals. Just how human magnetism is

generated, is, of course, a far deeper matter, but it is enough for our

purpose at this time to explain the fact of its storage and


In cases of magnetic healing, etc., the matter is comparatively simple.

In such instances the healer by an effort of the will (sometimes

unconsciously applied) projects a supply of his pranic aura vibrations

into the body of his patient, by way of the nervous system of the

patient, and also by means of what may be called the induction of the

aura itself.

The mere presence of a person strongly charged with prana, is often

enough to cause an overflow into the aura of other persons, with a

resulting feeling of new strength and energy. By the use of the hands of

the healer, a heightened effect is produced, by reason of certain

properties inherent in the nervous system of both healer and patient.

There is even a flow of etheric substance from the aura of the healer to

that of the patient, in cases where the vitality of the latter is very

low. Many a healer has actually, and literally, pumped his life force

and etheric substance into the body of his patient, when the latter was

sinking into the weakness which precedes death, and has by so doing been

able to bring him back to life and strength. This is practically akin

to the transfusion of blood--except that it is on the psychic plane

instead of the physical.

But the work of the magnetic healer does not stop here, if he be well

informed regarding his science. The educated healer realizing the potent

effect of mental states upon physical conditions--of mental vibrations

upon the physical nerve centers and organs of the body--endeavors to

arouse the proper mental vibrations in the mind of his patient.

Ordinarily, he does this merely by holding in his mind the corresponding

desired mental state, and thus arousing similar vibrations in the mind

of the patient. This of itself is a powerful weapon of healing, and

constitutes the essence of mental healing as usually practiced. But

there is a possible improvement even upon this, as we shall see in a


The advanced occultist, realizing the law of action and reaction in the

matter of the auric colors, turns the same to account in healing work,

as follows: He not only holds in his mind the strong feeling and thought

which he wishes to transmit to the patient, but (fix this in your mind)

he also pictures in his imagination the particular kind of color which

corresponds with the feeling or thought in question.

A moment's thought will show you that by this course he practically

multiplies the effect. Not only do his own thought vibrations (1) set up

corresponding vibrations in the mind of the patient, by the laws of

thought transference, but (2) his thought of the certain colors will set

up corresponding vibrations not only (a) in his own aura, and thence (b)

to that of the patient, but will also (3) act directly upon the aura of

the patient and reproduce the colors there, which (4) in turn will

arouse corresponding vibrations in the mind of the patient, by the law

of reaction.

The above may sound a little complicated at first reading, but a little

analysis will show you that it is really quite a simple process, acting

strictly along the lines of Action and Reaction, which law has been

explained to you in preceding chapters of this book. The vibrations

rebound from mind to aura, and from aura to mind, in the patient,

something like a billiard ball flying from one side of the table to

another, or a tennis ball flying between the two racquets over the net.

The principle herein mentioned may be employed as well in what is called

"absent treatment" as in treatments where the patient is present. By

the laws of thought transference, not only the thought but also the

mental image of the appropriate astral color, is transmitted over space,

and then, impinging on the mind of the patient, is transmitted into

helpful and health-giving vibrations in his mind. The healer of any

school of mental or spiritual healing will find this plan very helpful

to him in giving absent as well as present treatments. I recommend it

from years of personal experience, as well as that of other advanced


Of course the fact that the ordinary healer is not able to distinguish

the finer shades of astral color, by reason of his not having actually

perceived them manifested in the aura, renders his employment of this

method less efficacious than that of the developed and trained

occultist. But, nevertheless, he will find that, from the knowledge of

the auric or astral colors given in this little book, he will be able to

obtain quite satisfactory and marked results in his practice. The

following table, committed to memory, will be of help to him in the

matter of employing the mental image of the auric colors in his healing