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The Great Auric Circle

But no occult instruction on this subject would be complete without a
reference to the Great Auric Circle of Protection, which is a shelter to
the soul, mind, and body, against outside psychic influences, directed,
consciously or unconsciously against the individual. In these days of
wide spread though imperfect, knowledge of psychic phenomena, it is
especially important that one should be informed as to this great shield
of protection. Omitting all reference to the philosophy underlying it,
it may be said that this Auric Circle is formed by making the mental
image, accompanied by the demand of will, of the aura being surrounded
by a great band of PURE CLEAR WHITE LIGHT. A little perseverance will
enable you to create this on the astral plane, and, though (unless you
have the astral vision) you cannot see it actually, yet you will
actually FEEL its protective presence, so that you will know that it is
there guarding you.

This White Auric Circle will be an effective and infallible armor
against all forms of psychic attack or influence, no matter from whom it
may emanate, or whether directed consciously or unconsciously. It is a
perfect and absolute protection, and the knowledge of its protective
power should be sufficient to drive fear from the heart of all who have
dreaded psychic influence, "malicious animal magnetism" (so-called), or
anything else of the kind, by whatever name known. It is also a
protection against psychic vampirism, or draining of magnetic strength.

The Auric Circle is, of course, really egg-shaped, or oval, for it
fringes the aura as the shell cases the egg. See yourself, mentally, as
surrounded by this Great White Auric Circle of Protection, and let the
idea sink into your consciousness. Realize its power over the influences
from outside, and rejoice in the immunity it gives you.

The Auric Circle, however, will admit any outside impressions that you
really desire to come to you, while shutting out the others. That is,
with this exception, that if your inner soul recognizes that some of
these desired influences and impressions are apt to harm you (though
your reason and feeling know it not) then will such impressions be
denied admittance. For the White Light is the radiation of Spirit, which
is higher than ordinary mind, emotion, or body and is Master of All. And
its power, even though we can but imperfectly represent it even
mentally, is such that before its energy, and in its presence, in the
aura, all lower vibrations are neutralized and disintegrated.

The highest and deepest occult teaching is that the White Light must
never be used for purpose of attack or personal gain, but that it may
properly be used by anyone, at any time, to protect against outside
psychic influences against which the soul protests. It is the armor of
the soul, and may well be employed whenever or wherever the need

Throughout the pages of this little book have been scattered crumbs of
teaching other than those concerning the aura alone. Those for whom
these are intended will recognize and appropriate them--the others will
not see them, and will pass them by. One attracts his own to him. Much
seed must fall on waste places, in order that here and there a grain
will find lodgment in rich soil awaiting its coming. True occult
knowledge is practical power and strength. Beware of prostituting the
higher teachings for selfish ends and ignoble purposes. To guard and
preserve your own will is right; to seek to impose your will upon that
of another is wrong. Passive resistance is often the strongest form of
resistance--this is quite different from non-resistance.

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